Westmeath Festivals


Different areas of the world are known for different things. For instance, if you want beautiful and tranquil scenery, you go to Canada. If you want great beaches, you go to Chania beaches, Corfu beaches or Zakynthos beaches in Greece. If you want adventure, you go the Amazon. However, if you want to experience the greatest festivals in the world, there is no better place to be than Ireland. There is no doubt that the Irish know how to celebrate better than anyone. Some of the best festivals in Ireland take place in Westmeath. Two of these festivals will be focused on below.

One of the best Westmeath festivals to attend is the Anthlon Agri Show & Festival. This festival takes place in Athlone and is presented by Moydrum Pedigree herds. This is a one-day event, so be sure to be in the Westmeath area when it takes place. The point of this festival is to celebrate Ireland’s agriculture. That said, the ones who will get the most out of it are the ones who don’t even know what the word agriculture means. While kids will appreciate this festival the most, it is all about good-natured and wholesome fun, which any adult and/or parent will appreciate. You will not only see plenty of sheep, cattle, and goats, but there will be pony rides for the kids, show-jumping to entertain all, as well as arts & crafts, amusement park rides, and plenty of food. Overall, the Anthlon Agri Show & Festival is all about family fun.

Another popular festival in Westmeath County is the Ericsson All Ireland Drama Festival. This festival also takes place in Athlone. It is presented by Dean Crowe Theatre & Arts Centre. It is basically an amateur drama festival, but what makes it so exciting is that different theatre groups from around the country will be competing against one another. There will music, dance, poetry readings, and even puppetry.